8 Hot Tips for Keeping Your Home and Self Safe

photo(1)This week I organized an All Willow Glen Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Willow Glen Library, which I promoted via my Willow Glen Charm Facebook page. My goal was to bring together leaders representing streets throughout the neighborhood and give them some of the basic tools they need to educate their neighbors and hopefully start up local Neighborhood Watch programs.

About two dozen people came out to hear crime prevention specialist Mini Le who works with the San Jose Police Department. She shared lots of great information.

How to Stay Safe

Here are some of the general tips that stood out to me:

  1. Be outside, hang out in the front yard- people casing areas don’t want to be seen
  2. Get to know your neighbors, know names, numbers and be friendly
  3. If something seems unusual, call someone, talk about it
  4. Make your home look (and sound) occupied, open the blinds, have landscape lights, motion lights AND porch lights, radios, tv’s on timers, have cars in the driveway, put bells on your gates
  5. The most likely place a thief will go is your bedroom, its where 90% of us keep our jewelry and valuables… so, keep your valuables somewhere else!

And here are some of the things you should do outside your house:

  1. Light it up, layer it with timers, landscape lights and porch lights.
  2. Lock your gates, all doors (cars and house)- do a sweep of locks before bed and before leaving
  3. Landscape should be short and not too dense. Thieves like to hide things in bushes.

Schedule Your Own Neighborhood Watch

To schedule your own Neighborhood Watch meeting email mini.le@sanjoseca.gov. You will need at least 3 weeks lead time, location for the meeting and 10 households represented