Morbid Thoughts on Home Buying

Someone died in that house!

Okay, it is an odd topic, I know … Fifty years ago, it was normal for people to die in their homes and the buyer that subsequently purchased that house had no concerns about it (if it was even disclosed — disclosures 50 years ago is a whole different topic!).

Today, buyers are leery of buying a home someone died in. Even if it was natural causes. Does this indicate society has superstitions, a fear of ghosts or a just a general fear of death? (You know, you are not getting out of this life alive right??).

DSC00966I recently went on a broker tour of my local area of San Jose, Willow Glen, and we toured a house that had two recent deaths in the home. The first died of natural causes and the second died from a heroine overdose. Both were non violent deaths. Even as we were about to go through the house with over 40 ‘live’ agents, I heard comments from people who did not want to go in the house. That heightened my awareness and I tried to use my best psychic abilities and see if I could feel anything.

Although I did not feel or see anything unusual it was a topic of discussion for about 15 minutes before and after seeing the house. During those discussions, I learned that the house nearby also had a recent death in it. That makes the count 3 deaths and I heard some people say, ‘well death comes in three’s so the bad luck has passed.” To be honest, I would be a bit uncomfortable purchasing a house that someone had died in, and I shyly admit to being a bit superstitious.

Would you buy a house someone had recently died in?

Do you think a death in the house should result in a lower asking price?

Why do you think disclosing a death in the home is such a hot topic?

Holly Barr - Your Favorite Realtor

WGx wants to know what percentage of WG homes could be haunted by a previous occupant’s at-home death … Someone died in that house … and we’re still overpriced?