Negotiations with relocations (nego with relo)

When a company agrees to move you or relocate you for a new career, essentially, there are two sets of buyers and two sets of sellers all working in concert to close escrow at the same time.

1) The sellers sell the house to the relocation company (seller and buyer).
2) The relocation company (now is the seller) sells it to the buyers found through the realtors marketing efforts.
3) The buyers have an agent and a transaction perspective as a buyer and often a sale of their house that effects # 1and 2 above (possible 3rd set of buyers and sellers).

It is essential to have an agent with sharp communication skills on the phone, email, fax and even texting. With that many transactions happening at the same time everyone needs to know what is happening and what needs to be done.

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Willow Glen’s real estate world of RANCHERS!

10 new listings on tour in Willow Glen today and 5 of them were ranch style homes. These ranchers range (you know like, home on the range…) in price from $798,000 for a 3 bed 2 bath 1652 sq ft on Wawona to $1,099,000 for a 3 bed 2 bath 1880 sq ft. on Willow Oaks. The house on Willow Oaks has a SIX plus car garage (you could store a lot of ranch equipment there). Here is a picture:

SIX plus car garage

SIX plus car garage! Look closely you will see another building behind these front ones.

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Top three WG real estate picks for 8/7/08

Pick of the week! CARMEL COTTAGE CHARMER IN WILLOW GLEN! 1580 Cherry Glen Way (off Hicks & Mercer) 3 bed 2 bath 1732 sq ft. $1,199,000. This house felt like Carmel charm and just gave you a hug when you walked through the white picket fence (sounds cheesy I know, but really you should check this house out.- Open house on Sun. 8/10/08). And, there is a happy little dog that is due any minute with puppies so you might be able to see puppies at the open house! Okay, back to the house, charming bathroom with a claw foot tub and chandelier, remodeled kitchen with what the agent called Metaphoric Granite (jade green marblelooking stone that is said to be harder than granite) and a full size master suite addition that works well for privacy and access to the backyard.

Willow Glen kitchen with Metaphoric Granite (bamboo green)

Delightful kitchen with Metaphoric granite (bamboo green)

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Willow Glen Real Estate Scene; 7/31/08

Pick of the week 2498 Westgate Ave. 5 bed 4+ bath all one level, 3937 sq ft. on 12,350 lot @ $2,975,000. There was a mixed reaction about the price. Mostly that it appeared to be high. Although the area and home are PRIME, $3M is still tough for Willow Glen.

Here are two cool videos about this house. Keep in mind that I am new to this video thing!

It appears the more highly desired streets are having more listings come on market. This week we looked at properties on Westgate, Husted, Mulberry, Fairglen and Koch. The buzz is that both in August and mostly September there are a lot of sellers planning to put their homes on the market. Typically, September is known as a slower month. From what I am hearing from local agents, this September is shaping up to be a September to remember!

  • Number of houses on market for the week of 7/24/08 for Willow Glen was 235
  • Number of houses on market for the week of 7/31 for Willow Glen was 227

Professionals in the Willow Glen area agree that 225 is a healthy threshold for the # of houses on the market.

Building community through public schools

Anyone who lives in Willow Glen should be a proponent of strong public schools. Whether you send your kids to a public school or not , strong schools are a direct reflection of both the almighty dollar (property value) and community strength (do you know your neighbors, can you go next door for sugar, if you are hurt can you knock on a strangers door?).

8/3/08, was the second community playdate for all families thinking of attending ANY Willow Glen public school in 2008, 2009, 2010. Although turn out was lower hoped, there was four families that came. As they say (whomever they are) something is better than nothing… Lets do all we can to build a better Willow Glen!

What do you think about Willow Glen public schools?

Setting the price when selling your property

When it comes to selling their house, most people will hire a professional just as you would hire a professional if you needed some dental work or you wanted to update the electrical in your kitchen. And, many people will listen to all the advice a realtor offers about cleaning up the home and putting away personal items. When it comes to pricing the property however, many sellers think they know best.

If you have picked the right realtor (one who knows your area and has some level of experience and professionalism) they will know how to price your house so it sells! There are many reasons people hire realtors however the largest reason for most sellers is to GET THE HOUSE SOLD! The beauty of a realtor is they are not emotionally attached to a home in the way a seller usually is. They can see the property for what it is and price it accordingly.

If you plan on selling your home and you want to control the price, I suggest you allow your realtor to pick the first 3 digits of the price and you pick the last digits.

3 easy steps to sell your home!

Step 1 Hire a good realtor

Step 2 Listen to that realtor

Step 3 Get the house sold!

Morbid Thoughts on Home Buying

Someone died in that house!

Okay, it is an odd topic, I know … Fifty years ago, it was normal for people to die in their homes and the buyer that subsequently purchased that house had no concerns about it (if it was even disclosed — disclosures 50 years ago is a whole different topic!).

Today, buyers are leery of buying a home someone died in. Even if it was natural causes. Does this indicate society has superstitions, a fear of ghosts or a just a general fear of death? (You know, you are not getting out of this life alive right??).

DSC00966I recently went on a broker tour of my local area of San Jose, Willow Glen, and we toured a house that had two recent deaths in the home. The first died of natural causes and the second died from a heroine overdose. Both were non violent deaths. Even as we were about to go through the house with over 40 ‘live’ agents, I heard comments from people who did not want to go in the house. That heightened my awareness and I tried to use my best psychic abilities and see if I could feel anything.

Although I did not feel or see anything unusual it was a topic of discussion for about 15 minutes before and after seeing the house. During those discussions, I learned that the house nearby also had a recent death in it. That makes the count 3 deaths and I heard some people say, ‘well death comes in three’s so the bad luck has passed.” To be honest, I would be a bit uncomfortable purchasing a house that someone had died in, and I shyly admit to being a bit superstitious.

Would you buy a house someone had recently died in?

Do you think a death in the house should result in a lower asking price?

Why do you think disclosing a death in the home is such a hot topic?

Holly Barr - Your Favorite Realtor

WGx wants to know what percentage of WG homes could be haunted by a previous occupant’s at-home death … Someone died in that house … and we’re still overpriced?

Lookiloos- is it just a nosy neighbor or is it a type of addiction?

I am sure you know people who check out open houses for a hobby…realtors refer to them as lookiloos. Some of my buyers have converted into lookiloos because they really enjoy looking at homes and cannot seem to stop. Almost like I was the drug dealer getting them their first hits aka, getting them into some homes that met their criteria and they were hooked! Once escrow closed they could not stop looking and they will cruise the streets on the weekends looking for another hit (aka open house).

The nosey neighbor

Some people are simply nosey or more accurately enjoy the voyeurism of looking how other people live. Others are looking for remodeling ideas or that perfect fireplace. Others are looking for their dream home and enjoy picking a house apart. If they find one they cannot pick apart, they might just have to buy it!

Do you like to look at houses? Are you addicted? What are you looking for?

Personally, I see huge value in lookiloos and here are my Top Three Reasons lookiloos are a good thing!

1) They are often talking positively about real estate

2) They may see something that catches their attention and tell a friend that is looking for a home

3) They help agents with pricing. If a property is not priced well, a lookiloo will not only still come and see the home, they will often give honest and knowledge based feedback