Willow Glen Update; Oct. 8, 2009

Holly explains how Willow Glen is following the norm as inventory is up and sales are down, and gives some info about three great new listings: her own $1.35M listing on Byerley, a $2M house on Cherry Glen Way that sits on a full ACRE of land in prime Willow Glen, and an awesome gated house on Hicks by Pine, with a 16,000sf lot, listed for $1.75M.

Holly Barr’s Willow Glen Update; Oct. 1, 2009

Holly talks about the Willow Glen real estate scene, including a breakdown of current listings, recent sales and deals in progress.
She also describes a potential short sale on Glen Eyrie (3,500 square feet on an 11,000 square foot lot!), a good deal on Custer Drive, and two great listings that she herself has coming on shortly: one on Ellen Avenue and one on Byerley Avenue.

Holly Barr’s Willow Glen Update; Sept. 10, 2009

Holly talks about her favorite hot new listings that are about to come on market, including her pick of the week for the best deal in Willow Glen right now.