RG Neighborhood Produce Exchange

Realtor Holly Barr continues her ongoing WGx column with a twist this time around. During a quiet week for the home tour, she instead brings word of a Produce Exchange hosted by neighbors in the Rosegarden area:

Highlights of July 17, 2008 Willow Glen Realtor Tour

Tricky to find a theme this week. I did see a lot of unusual homes.

Just for the record if your third bedroom does not have a closet it is not a bedroom. Also, if your third bedroom is in a separate structure, like a garage, appraisers state that it is technically not a 3 bedroom house. I recommend you put a clear description of where that bedroom is.

RoseGardenProduceExchangePictureOn a neighborhood update note I went to the first neighborhood produce exchange. Well, the neighborhood was Rose Garden, but we are all neighbors right? Anyway, gotta love the idea. Basically you bring some produce in 2 to 4 lbs. bags between 4:00 and 7:00 and Cass has a table in her front yard. You trade what you brought for a mixture of the items other people brought. I brought two bags of large nectarines, I walked away with a big zucchini, some apples, plums and lemons. All organic and fresh let me know if you want to exchange produce next month.

Here are some interesting numbers about this past week in Willow Glen’s real estate scene:

  • 10 sales last two weeks in area 10 (Mostly 95125)
  • 229 active listings in Willow Glen this week 7/17/08

210 active listings is the gold standard for a sign of a healthy market for this area. The fact that we are consistently in the 230-240 range indicates Willow Glen to be a stable market.

If you ever have any questions about what I put here, or would like to see me take a different approach with this weekly summary of the tour, please let me know!

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