Setting the price when selling your property

When it comes to selling their house, most people will hire a professional just as you would hire a professional if you needed some dental work or you wanted to update the electrical in your kitchen. And, many people will listen to all the advice a realtor offers about cleaning up the home and putting away personal items. When it comes to pricing the property however, many sellers think they know best.

If you have picked the right realtor (one who knows your area and has some level of experience and professionalism) they will know how to price your house so it sells! There are many reasons people hire realtors however the largest reason for most sellers is to GET THE HOUSE SOLD! The beauty of a realtor is they are not emotionally attached to a home in the way a seller usually is. They can see the property for what it is and price it accordingly.

If you plan on selling your home and you want to control the price, I suggest you allow your realtor to pick the first 3 digits of the price and you pick the last digits.

3 easy steps to sell your home!

Step 1 Hire a good realtor

Step 2 Listen to that realtor

Step 3 Get the house sold!