Real Estate Bailout

From my lender sources, the real estate buyout started on October 1, 2008. The basic translation of bailout is you renegotiate your mortgage with your lender to reflect the current market value of the home. Seems similar to a short sale where your REALTOR negotiates with the bank for a lower SALES price. The difference is with a bailout, you do not have to sell the property.

I have had a few clients contact me about how to get started with a bail out. As with the recent changes in jumbo loan amounts, changes take about 6 months for the banks to get systems in place and get the training needed to provide the service to clients. From what I have heard, Countrywide seems to be the only bank right now, Oct, 11, 2008, that can do a bailout/buyout program for their clients. It is yet unclear to me how it will affect one’s credit.

Please let me know if you have more information about how it will affect one’s credit, if there are other banks that are offering this amazing opportunity to their clients.