Buzz of construction at Alma and Minnesota Ave.

I dropped off my dry cleaning at the eco friendly dry cleaners at Willow Glen’s Cleaning and Alteration shop at 571 W Alma  Ave. (cheap plug for them) and I met the owner of the strip mall, Bob Vlahopoulioti. He is also the father of Maria Vlahopoulioti the owner of the new greek restaurant, Souvlaki. Bob told me that the restaurant was so busy its first week that they had to take the day off today to catch up! His other daughter,Karen Cepetes, is opening a fruit stand at the corner closest to Arco. Willow Glen's Newest Greek Restaurant The fruit stand will have a lot of organics and should be open within two months.


The construction at the corner has been a long time coming! He is building it to suit, so if you know of anyone looking for a new Willow Glen location, touch base.

Build to Suit!