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What I Do for Buyers


Finding Your Dream Home

  • Provide referrals for quality lenders.

  • Work to identify needs in a property.

  • Provide in-depth search for a home guided by the buyers criteria.

  • Provide local school and API data if needed.

  • Identify homes that are not yet on market that might meet the buyers needs.

  • Preview the properties that are of interest and take pictures and video.

  • Tour homes with the buyer and discuss pros and cons.


Presenting & Negotiating Your Offer

  • Provide comparable sales data for any area that is of interest.

  • Write a well prepared and complete offer and present it in person if appropriate.

  • Negotiate for the issues important to the buyer.

  • Review, discuss and guide on counter offer(s) until accepted.


After Your Offer is Accepted

  • Provide a timeline with key dates.

  • Provide referrals for quality inspectors, set up and attend inspections.

  • Review all disclosures and reports and discuss with the buyer and get any clarifications needed.

  • Continually communicate with the lender, listing agent and title company to maintain timelines.

  • Meet with the appraiser with printed comparable sales.

  • Review estimated closing statement.

  • Coordinate a sign off appointment with title and attend.

  • Deliver copies of all contract paperwork and home warenty to buyer.

  • Coordinate insurance as needed.

  • Communicate with attorneys, heirs and trustees as needed.

  • Provide information on starting new utilities (water, PG&E and garbage).

  • Provide professional services contacts as needed (handymen, electricians, locksmiths etc.).

  • Deliver keys in a timely manner.

Work With Holly

Holly Barr has been passionate about real estate since she was a child, and has made it her career since 2001. While growing up, Holly’s family bought and sold properties around Monterey, which exposed her to key aspects of real estate like negotiations, renovations and staging.

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